Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our 7th anniversary!

So yesterday was mine and hubby's 7th anniversary. Overall it was a great day! My house is spotless, thanks to MIL/cleaning lady, I got to hang out with all of my best friends last nite, and had tons of fun! I got way too drunk though!

DH had to work so I went to my bestie's and helped her hubby pass out candy to the trick or treaters while she took the kids out trick or treating. We started drinking then! LOL! I left there and went to Towne Pub for 2 beers and then met Josh at the house to go out to C.B.R.'s with our other couple friends. It's kinda our Halloween tradition. C and I tend to drink WAY too many shots when we're out together so I got wasted. DH was good enough to be my driver though and took me to TeeJays (barf). (Waffle House was too busy.) (And yes I was cheating on my diet!)

I fell asleep (passed out) at the table at TeeJay's and we cancelled our order! Thank god. I am already miserable today, I can't imagine how I'd feel if I would have eaten all that food.

Then when we got home we were letting the dogs out and DH came out with me while I was smoking. MIL/cleaning lady had apparently put the stick in the door frame when she was cleaning because when we shut the door behind us, it fell, and LOCKED US OUT. It was so stupid. We were outside panicking because we thought we were going to have to break a window to get in! I finally managed to pop the stick out of the door though and we got in.

While we were outside panicking DH called his bro that used to live with us because he has a key. Well DH didn't call to tell him we got in. So we were laying in bed and heard voices downstairs. He picked up another brother, came over, let themselves in, and were standing downstairs arguing about who was going to come upstairs to see if we were in bed!!! Thanks, attack dogs of mine! You are so protective! NOT. They didn't even move, not to mention bark or anything! Worthless spoiled brats!!!

Then I completely overslept and barely made it to work in time. I am exhausted today and want a nap. Poor DH is working OT tonight and he is as tired as me today! Being locked out of your house at 4am is very tiring!

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