Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making fun

I think I caught someone making fun of me today. It doesn't hurt my feelings, it was just funny to think about. It is someone I don't even really know. I used to be a real bitch in high school, and I can't help but think sometimes karma has to catch up with you.

Do you ever look at yourself and wonder when you'll grow up? I mean, when do you stop wearing t-shirts with your fave bands or the craziest shoes you can find and start wearing "grown up" clothes? When do you stop spending your money on makeup and concerts and start buying minivans? How does it happen?

If anyone has the answer, I'd be happy to listen!


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  2. LOL when you figure this out, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!! :)

    F 'em all though - I'm a total bitch as well and pick on people more than I should (mostly people who deserve it though LOL!), & when it comes back around I have to laugh about it.

    Did ya know my haircut resembles a lesbian?!?!?! That came from a greasy, nasty, dirtball bitch though, so I ain't sweatin it!!! ;)

    I was signed in under the wrong email LOL, sorry bout that!

  3. The day I grow up is the day I kill myself!

    I hate all those people who are always telling kids to sit down and be quiet. Obviously, they don't remember what it was like to be young and bursting with energy.

    I think you're only old when you forget how to be young.

    And why are stong, straight-shooting women always labeled "bitches"?

  4. TG.... I was a straight up bitch. No one had to call me one. Because I knew I was one!!!