Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good news!

I got my anniversary present early.... it is not a gun! Instead it's a slick new 8 gig iPod Nano. I am so excited! AND DH will not be getting shot in the foot. I am sure he's excited, too. Now I have been going through my iTunes and downloading album artwork that I don't have on my 80 gig iPod Classic and it is a JOB. Very frustrating. But I am already to J..... I made a lot of headway!

The pumpkins turned out too cute. Then I forgot to take pics! LOL I am going over to my bestie's for trick or treat Friday and will take pics then. They will still be cute. The same night we painted punkins we won $57 on scratch off lottery tickets AND $400 in game play at Dave & Buster's!! WOO HOO!!! That is amazing.

Nothing else really exciting going on, I have been sort of in a funk the past few days and can't shake it. I think it's the tail end of this virus I have been getting over. Take my advice, do not work 12 hour days for 30 days straight if you want to stay healthy.

OH, And now that the recipient has received the gift, I am proud to say that I am one of the people that contributed to the Bare Escentuals Free Spirit eyeshadow that sold for over $250. I think that is a world record and we should call the Guinness Book.

Well, off to bed now, see y'all tomorrow!


  1. Oh, that's such a great gift. I want an iPod!!!

    I want to hang out with you--maybe some of your luck will rub off on me. I've never won anything in my entire life.

    Hope you feel better soon. Just keep thinking about the big fat paycheck you earned. :)

    BTW I think what you did for Munster was so nice.

  2. I love that all of you did that for Munster!

    Feel better, Steph & STOP working so damn hard! =)