Saturday, October 25, 2008

So tired.

I just can not get to feeling awake today. It's 4:30 (even though the time zone setting on this thing will most likely say something different) and I could lay my head down and take a nap.

The dogs woke me up barking this morning. DH ran downstairs in a pair of shorts because someone was knocking VERY LOUDLY on the door. WTF? Saturday Morning? All my peeps know better. So DH opens the door and some lady and a 9 year old kid were like, "We understand this is a Spanish speaking residence?" DH just pointed his thumb next door (because that is where the Spanish speakers live) and said, "Don't ever beat on this door until my dogs bark again. They live next door. Learn numbers." And shut the door.

(ETA: Why did they ask if we are Spanish speaking in English?!?)

Now generally speaking, that is pretty rude. However, DH worked until 3 am this morning, and this was like 9:45. He was PISSED. I can't blame him.

And now I'm exhausted feeling. I hate waking up like that, getting jolted out of sleep, sitting straight up and practically having a panic attack because everyone knows, do not come to our door before 11 if it is not an emergency. Even 11 is a stretch on our days off. I bet Josh feels 10 times worse than me though! He is working a lot of OT and has been so sleepy all week as it is!!!

Oh and don't let me forget to add this. Yesterday DH said he was going to go pick up my anniversary present but there is a 7 day waiting period for it. OK so it is a gun. (BOOORRRRING) I told him not to get things for himself and give them to someone else and call it a gift. So next Friday we shall see. I just might get a gun for my anniversary gift. And that means DH might get shot in the foot.

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  1. "I just might get a gun for my anniversary gift. And that means DH might get shot in the foot."

    That is frickin hysterical!!!!!!!!!! :)