Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Spice Cake. It's good.

So remember yesterday when I let you all know that my husband is a jackass? Well, we were up fighting at 3:15 this morning. Not a bad fight, just a lame fight. Because he's a jackass. He doesn't know how to stop running his mouth, and he doesn't know when to stop pushing the line with me.

Why do men insist on being stubborn and hard headed? Even when he knows he's wrong, he will try to pick around the subject and insist that he's right. And that makes me even madder than before. I just wish he would admit defeat when defeat had been served. I get so tired of talking about the same stupid shit over and over. Just GROW UP!!! Sheesh.

I had JC pumpkin spice cake for dessert today though, and it was DELISH. I am going to go buy 10 of them. So I don't run out. I don't think I can live without it. LOL. If I could send one to everyone I know I would.

I have some really cute pics I am going to try to add here. They are DH and I at Fado on a beautiful fall night, drinking Strongbow and smoking honey dipped cigars. It was a good night.

Tomorrow I am going to paint pumpkins with DH and my bestie and her hubby and kids. They have 4 puny little punkins and we have 2 pumpkins so big that they are weighing down the back of DH's SUV. They are freakin huge. I can't wait to take them over to their house and embarrass their wimpy little pumpkin-ettes.

Also, my and hubby's 7 year anniversary is Friday. YAY! Yes, we got married on Halloween. He dressed as a Marine and I dressed as a virgin bride. Guess who had to buy the new attire? ;)

Happy Fall!


  1. Yay, I can stalk you here, too! =) Sorry DH is being such a butt ... they really can be pains in the asses!

    Have lots of fun with the pumpkins ... be sure to post pics!

  2. I hear you girl! If you ever figure men out, let me know!

  3. We've only been married 2 years in November, and only ONCE in that time did hubby say I was right!!!! I figure if once every 2 years is the minimum, I'm STILL probably doing better than 99% of the women out there LOL!!!!

    Men are crazy sometimes, like mine right now, who's been having trouble sleeping, so I made him that sleepy time tea & he bitched that it wouldn't work, but as I type this his ass is snoring on the couch!!!! :)

  4. Stephanie .... BOYS ARE DUMB !!!! And age dosen't matter...mines an ole fart and he's dumb as a box a rocks when he wants to be too!!!
    Personally I think they do it for sport, to make sure they can still get a rise outta us!!!